3 Pretzel Crisps® Game Day Appetizers

Tired of the same old chips and dips every Sunday? We thought so! Allow us to introduce you to your new game day go-to’s courtesy of our friends at Tip Hero! Each recipe brings together all the game day classics you love with a Genius addition of Pretzel Crisps® crunch…talk about a total touchdown. Without further adieu, let’s kickoff this lineup (pun intended)!

Cheesy Kielbasa Bites

Spicy, cheesy, meaty and everything in between. Impress your guests with these almost-gourmet bites.

Find the recipe here.

Loaded Pretzel Crisps® Nachos

Not just loaded, but fully loaded, these nachos are anything but your average cheese covered chip!

Find the recipe here.

Pepperoni Cheese Ball

There is just no such thing as too much cheese….especially when it is covered in pepperoni and presented in the shape of a football. Score!

Find the recipe here.