5 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Perhaps you’re a last minute shopper who ran out of express shipping days. Or maybe you hate long lines. It could be that this year you’ve decided to give gifts with a more personal touch. All are good reasons to try your hand at homemade, personalized gifts.

Here are a few easy projects to spark your creativity.

For Mom: Photo Votive Candles

Family photos turn the practical gift of candles into a sentimental one. Photos from past holidays, vacations or other family moments can be used to create a set of themed candles.

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For Dad: Tie Phone Case

Use an old tie dad never wears anymore – maybe that one you gave him for Father’s Day ten years ago – and recycle it into something he can use everyday: a phone case. No special sewing skills required.

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For Teens: Monogrammed Journals

These monogrammed journals are perfect for teens or anyone who wants to a few moments to unplug and record their moments the old-fashioned way.

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For Pups: Braided Dog Toys

The furriest and most loyal of the family deserve gifts, too! These braided dog toys are a fun project the whole family can do, perhaps while watching your favorite holiday films.

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For the Party: Chocolate Cherry Pretzel Crisps®

Between office, neighborhood and family parties, your holiday social calendar is full. If you’re looking for something new to bring to the snack table, try these chocolate cherry treats for a sweet and festive taste.

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