5 Smart Snacks To Eat After A Sweat Session

The only thing better than the feeling when you finish a workout is knowing you have a delicious, fast and wholesome snack to enjoy afterwards. These recipes offer something for everyone: from the fitness fanatic to the casual exerciser. Make one after you next workout to replenish your energy so you can take on the rest of your day!

Everything Crisps with Hummus Cucumber and Paprika

These delightful bites pack a punch with less calories. Everything Pretzel Crisps® get even better when you add your favorite flavor of hummus, a slice of cucumber and a dash of paprika for an extra kick of flavor. The ingredients all blend perfectly to sooth anyone’s post workout appetite.

workout blog_hummus

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Crispy Quinoa Bites

Don’t undo all your hard work in your fitness class with a calorie-packed snack. These Crispy Quinoa Bites help you stay on course for a nourishing and nutritious lifestyle. Full of protein thanks to the quinoa, these bites are exactly what your body needs after a challenging training circuit.

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Greek Yogurt with Strawberries and Pretzel Crisps® Minis

Adding strawberries and Pretzel Crisps® Minis to Greek yogurt is a surefire way to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth without over-indulging. This snack won’t break the bank, or your waistline, making it the perfect after-workout combination. It’ll quickly become you go-to post sweat session snack!

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Peanut Butter and Pretzel Crisps® Sandwich

Original Pretzel Crisps® pair perfectly with layers of peanut butter. This salty and sweet snack is simple but satisfying and provides the protein your muscles need to recover.

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Black Bean, Corn and Avocado Dip

This simple dip is fresh, flavorful and will help you stay on track for your fitness goals. Healthy carbs, make this snack a great choice. A simple post-workout combination of black beans, corn, avocado and crunchy Original Pretzel Crisps® help maximize nutrition absorption and, of course, tastes delicious!

workout blog_avo

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