5 Snacks for an Energy Boost

When you hit that early-afternoon wall and your energy levels are almost depleted, it might be tempting to grab an energy drink, but there are better and tastier options.

Try one of these snacks featuring proteins and fats the next time you need a long-lasting energy boost.

Minis Better-For-You Trail Mix

Not just excellent as an energy charge, nuts and dried fruits contain the “good fats” that help us feel full longer. They’re the stars of this trail mix you can take with you anywhere for an on-the-go energy fix.


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Cheesey Pesto Pretzel Crisps®

The protein and fat in cheeses go a long way in increasing your energy. A combination of cream cheese and goat cheese on an Original Pretzel Crisps® is an upgrade on the traditional cheese and crackers, and the pesto provides a satisfying complimenting flavor.


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Breakfast Snack Attack

Starting off the day with a breakfast high in protein is a great way to maintain more of your energy throughout the day. These egg sandwiches get the job done as a quick breakfast boost or early afternoon snack.


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Veggie Hummus Pretzel Bites

The best carbs and fibers from fresh veggies combined with high in protein hummus makes a high-energy snack that’s also loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

energy blog_hummus

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Orange Creamsicle Pretzel Crisps® Bites

Greek yogurt is another super food with the carbs and protein your body needs for an energy jolt. Yogurt definitely helps you feel full on its own, but the clementine and Pretzel Crisps® in this snack make it even more fulfilling.


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