5 Snacks For Santa

Setting out a plate of cookies and glass of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve is a tradition as time-honored as hanging stockings by the tree or protecting your homemade egg nog recipe. However, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up a bit.

Here are five Santa snack alternatives sure to please old Saint Nick.

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Bites

Change can be hard for some. Just in case Santa prefers you go “old-school” with your snack offering, this recipe brings the holiday taste of gingerbread, fresh-baked cookie flavor and festive sprinkles and toppings.

santa blog_gingerbread

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Frosting & Sprinkles Pretzel Crisps®

Here’s a choice that’s simple and fun to make – a perfect Christmas Eve activity the kids will enjoy. You can decorate these chocolate-frosted treats with traditional red and green sprinkles, or colors that match your holiday décor. Opt for sparkly sprinkles and your snack for Santa now looks like it’s adorned with beautiful holiday lights or tinsel.

santa blog_frosting

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Egg Nog Pretzel Crisps®

Eggnog isn’t just for drinking. These treats feature the festive flavor of egg nog, cinnamon and nutmeg. A cold glass of milk to wash down this creamy snack is perfection, but while you’re trying new things, pair with hot apple cider instead.

santa blog_eggnog

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Chocolate Santa Hat Pretzel Crisps®

We’re not saying setting out these adorable hats will score you some presents, but we’re not saying they won’t, either.   Don’t think of these as sucking up to Santa, but more as tasty treats that show appreciation for his impeccable style.

santa blog_hats

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Reindeer Pretzel Crisps® Cupcakes

Being a reindeer can be a thankless job, especially for ones not named Rudolph (he has his own song for crying out loud!). Show your reindeer appreciation with these beautiful and fun cupcakes. If you have enough on your plate with last minute gift wrapping or planning Christmas dinner, you can use store-bought cupcakes. We’re sure the reindeers won’t know the difference.

santa blog_deer

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