A 5 Course Snack!? Crazy Genius!

A true Snack Genius knows that one snack is sometimes not enough. That’s why we’ve hacked the snack system to create a 5 course feast centered on one delicious ingredient! You guessed it, Pretzel Crisps®! These 5 groundbreaking recipes will fulfill all your snacking dreams. Consider your mind blown.

Snack Course 1: Avocado Yogurt Dip

Start your snacking right with a refreshing and creamy dip. Guaranteed to please your pallet but not overwhelm your taste buds, the crunch of our Original Pretzel Crisps® round out the tastiness of this salty and sweet snack.

course blog_avo

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Snack Course 2: Fig and Prosciutto Bites

These perfectly paired bites combine the saltiness of prosciutto, the sweetness of fig and the crunchiness of Pretzel Crisps®. It is the perfect light bite to keep you grooving through this multi-course snack sensation.

course blog_fig

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Snack Course 3: Lobster Roll Bites

This Pretzel Crisps® twist on a New England classic utilizes simple, fresh and delectable ingredients in a perfect snackable size. Packed with bold flavor and just the right amount of crunch, our lobster rolls will make you rethink the power of the snack.

course blog_lobster

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Snack Course 4: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

It wouldn’t be a well-rounded snack break without your fill of fresh veggies! These Pretzel Crisps® brussels sprouts salad bites are a delicious way to bring some excitement back to eating your greens.

course blog_brussels

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Snack Course 5: Pretzel Crisps® Tarts

You can’t forget dessert! These bite-size tarts are decadent, filled with chocolate ganache and caramel and make the perfect conclusion to any scrumptious snack spread. Dare we say, they are a work of pure Snack Genius!?

course blog_dessert

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