Batter Up! Little League Snack Mom Ideas

It’s your turn to bring the snacks for the next summer little league game. Don’t panic! The following tips will ensure your refreshments are an all-star success.


Win or lose, the little ones will be tired, sweaty, and thirsty. Water is always the best option to guarantee they’re properly hydrated before, during, and after the game.

MVP Tip:

With some advance planning, personalized water bottles are a nice touch. They can be reused at each game. Also, all-natural food dyes (or Gatorade) in the team colors can infuse the water with a little team spirit.

Fresh Fruit

Summertime offers some of the best fruits for providing essential nutrients. Fresh melon, plums, and nectarines can all be easily sliced and served into bite-size chunks of delicious goodness – and berries (blue, black, etc.) are perfect for quick post-game consumption.

Minis Trail Mix

This Pretzel Crisps® Minis trail mix can also make a perfect game snack. The combination of Pretzel Crisps®, dried fruit, and chocolate bits give the perfect blend of salty and sweet that the kids will love.

Bonus: The trail mix can be prepped ahead of time – it only takes 5 minutes – and served in small bags. The team can grab them quickly and take home any uneaten portions, though we doubt they’ll be any left!