Bunny Ear Pretzel Crisps® Treats

People will go gaga over these bunny ear Pretzel Crisps® treats. Cute to the max, and fun to look at, get the conversation started about how to make these wonderful desserts.

White frosting, or softened cream cheese mixed with confectioners sugar to taste
Original Pretzel Crisps®
Small marshmallows
Pink sanding sugar
Black licorice pastels candy or black pearl sprinkles
Pink jelly beans


Scoop frosting or sweetened cream cheese into a piping bag. Place it in the refrigerator until slightly firm. Pipe piles of frosting onto Original Pretzel Crisps® and place them in the fridge.

Cut marshmallows diagonally with scissors, then dip the sticky portion in sanding sugar. Place them on top of the frosting mounds while they are soft enough to adhere, but firm enough not to fall apart under the pressure of the ears.

Cut black licorice pastel candies in half and push them into the frosting for eyes. Cut jelly beans in half and press them into the frosting below the eyes for the nose. Serve immediately.