Deli Sides Snacks

Potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and pasta salads are just a few pre-made side dishes you can pick up in the deli selection; sides that complement or start-off almost any meal. With the help of Pretzel Crisps®, you can turn those sides into satisfying snacks.

Baked Beans and Coleslaw Pretzel Crisps® Bites

Capture the taste and comfort of a campfire cookout or picnic with a baked beans and coleslaw combo that has an extra kick of flavor with Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps®.

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Sesame & Teriyaki Broccoli Coleslaw Pretzel Crisps®

If you want to try your hand at making your own broccoli slaw, there’s no easier way to start than this recipe loaded with fresh veggies and marinated in teriyaki sauce.

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Pretzel Crisps® Creamy Broccoli Slaw

Made from scratch or pre-made in the deli, broccoli slaw is a blend of textures (creamy and crunchy) and flavors (tangy and sweet) that makes for a filling side dish or snack atop Original Pretzel Crisps®.

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