DIY Pretzel Crisps® Coasters

We have the perfect DIY project to kick off football season.  A set of “ Pretzel Crisp® and Beer” coasters for your home are a unique way to hold your beer while you watch a game or entertain. These also double as great gifts for sports or beer lovers.

They are easy to make and only require some Pretzel Crisps®, and a couple of materials.


-Pretzel Crisps®

-Clear cast kit (comes with a resin and a catalyst)

– A silicone mold, soap mold, or most plastic containers

Tip: You can find a clear casting kit at your local arts and craft supplies store (usually in the soap and/or jewelry making aisle). A small plastic container can be found at any dollar store.


1) Follow the directions on your casting kit as different kits may vary slightly.

2) Place several Pretzel Crisps® into a mold (or molds). Carefully pour

mixture down the side of the container until Pretzel Crisps® are covered.

3) Allow resin to set.  The amount of time it takes depends on temperature. You can let them sit for 24 hours to be safe.

4) Carefully flex container until coaster breaks away and pops out.

5) Pour beer and admire as your protect your coffee table.