A Drizzler a Day…

We’ve become conditioned to treating ourselves only when we feel an occasion calls for it. Celebrating a birthday? Have some cake! Rejoicing your favorite team’s victory? Here’s some dip, chips, and wings! And holidays that only come along once a year? We look forward to eating whatever we want, as much as we want. Of course, those times are usually followed by extreme guilt and penance at the gym.

What if you could indulge your cravings for something sweet and delicious, every day?

You can!

Pretzel Crisps®️ Drizzlers are the crunchy salty snacks you’ve come to love, but with a drizzle of chocolate to deliver the perfect amount of sweet. We made them in two distinct and satisfying flavors: Milk Chocolate and Caramel flavored Drizzlers are lightly covered in that classic sweet combo, while the Dark Chocolate flavored Drizzlers’ swirls cater to those who like their chocolate a bit richer.

But just in case you still think you need a reason for this everyday indulgence, use this list to justify having Pretzel Crisps®️ Drizzlers every day:

  • Sunday: You need a snack while preparing to tackle the week ahead.
  • Monday: Milk chocolate and caramel have been scientifically proven to cure the most extreme case of The Mondays. Okay, not really, but how could that flavor combo NOT put you in a better mood?
  • Tuesday: The weekend still seems too far way. We get it. Luckily, Drizzlers are here to console you.
  • Wednesday: You’re halfway through the week! Celebrate with our dark chocolate flavor.
  • Thursday: The weekend is so close that you can taste it, and that taste goes well with Pretzel Crisps®️ Drizzlers.
  • Friday: TGIDrizzlers!
  • Saturday: You worked hard all week to play hard on the weekend. Reward yourself with some Drizzlers.