Fall Home Decor and Entertaining

Creating warm and inspiring decorations for your home or for entertaining can be especially overwhelming during the holidays. Here are a handful of ideas that will be sure to impress your guests.

Nature’s Decor

It doesn’t get any easier than leaves in vases. Purchase glass vases and grab a few branches of colorful leaves from your backyard. Perfect for a dinner party, or to use as decoration around the home.

Kick it up a notch by adding apples. You can use some sturdy sticks or rigid skewers to spear the bottom of the apple. Carefully place them in the vase. You can also fill the vase with rocks or acorns to anchor them down.

Tie several stalks of wheat with a ribbon for this festive idea. You can cut the stalks down to fit on tables, or leave it longer for the floor.

Apples as a candle holder? Why not? Use miniatures in a glass bowl to frame a large candle. Acorns or cranberries could also work just as well. Click here for detailed instructions.

Cranberry topiaries would look wonderful at a Thanksgiving meal. They attract attention to the most important piece of furniture in the house: the dining table.

Easy As Pumpkin Pie

Use a fake pumpkin to decorate inside. This option is especially ideal if you have limited floor or tabletop space. Use a frame that matches the furniture and hang several.

For instructions on how to create this beautiful framed pumpkin, click here.

This next idea is easy enough for the beginner decorator. Collect pumpkins and pile them in the fireplace.  White pumpkins would look stunning as well. They will create a cozy feeling in the room.

Although autumn is popular for its warm colors, there is nothing wrong with going for the opposite effect.  Stand out by opting for a brighter look, such as these citrus-hued pumpkins.

Not only does this pumpkin vase with flowers function as a gorgeous centerpiece for a party, it would also be a lovely touch for any fall wedding.