A Five Ingredient Cinco de Mayo Snack Genius Sensation

Any snacker worth their salt knows that every ingredient counts when it comes to making a truly genius recipe! That’s why all 5 of these components make up this one Cinco de Mayo scrumptious snack, the Pretzel Crisps® Jalapeño Poppers! With extra hits of spicy flavor to kick up your taste buds, there’s no better way to indulge in a food feast for the holiday!

  1. Pretzel Crisps®: Our crunchy and delicious Pretzel Crisps® make the perfect base for these spicy poppers. Try Original or Sriracha & Lime Pretzel Crisps®, they’ll hold everything together until you bite into the flavor explosion!
  1. Whipped cream cheese: Among the milder ingredients in the recipe, the whipped cream cheese is imperative in binding the flavors together. Calming down the taste after all the spiciness, this cheese spread is rich and mild all at once.
  1. Jalapeño jelly: The concentrated taste of this jalapeño paste brings this dish from simple to bold. Packing a punch and taking names, this jelly helps elevate the spice level of these poppers!
  1. Bacon: Because bacon makes everything better! Adding a bit of crunch and a smoky flavor to the mix, bacon is great, so are these bites and that pretty much says it all!
  1. Fresh jalapeños: Just one jalapeño flavor isn’t enough for Cinco de Mayo! Finishing the poppers with fresh slices of jalapeño is imperative in rounding out the flavor palate and making sure these bites have a bite!