Flavor Highlight: Sesame Pretzel Crisps®

Our Sesame Pretzel Crisps® check all the boxes for a great snack: they’re delicious, good for you, and extremely versatile so you can enjoy them in many ways. We’ve curated some of our favorite Sesame Pretzel Crisps® recipes for you try.

Crispy Quinoa Bites

Quinoa is the perfect companion to the natural oils in sesame seeds, and you’ll want to be extra generous with the portions here. Chopped red peppers provide a bit of extra crunch, and a dash of Thai sauce gives the right amount of sweetness.

Get the full recipe here.

Basa Ceviche

This citrusy seafood dish has a lot of flavor going on, but it works to bring out the subtle toasted taste of Sesame Pretzel Crisps®. Make sure you get the full flavor boost by marinating the fish overnight. Your taste buds will thank you!

Get the full recipe here. 

Cucumber Spice Bites

These cucumber spices bites are the definition of light and cool; refreshing cucumbers get a kick of heat with diced habanero cheddar cheese. It’s a combo you’ll keep coming back to!

Get the recipe details here.