A Genius Movie Night Done Right

Leave the sticky floors and chatty people at the theater and let us help you prepare a genius movie night in the comfort of your own home. Who doesn’t love saving money, spending more quality time with those you love and most importantly, snacking on some delicious movie munchies! But don’t take our word for it, try these recipes and remind yourself why you love the movies!

Pretzel Crisps® Onion Rings with Avocado Dipping Sauce

These onion rings with creamy avocado dipping sauce will become a movie night staple in no time. This better-for-you version of a deep fried snack is incomplete without the fresh avocado mixture and a good film. Just have the recipe ready to handout to your friends! They’ll be asking for it later.

movie blog_rings

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Pretzel Crisps® Pizza

A pizza recipe had to make the list, because pizza and movies are just go together. These personal Pretzel Crisps® pizzas are the ideal bite for movie night. Not too filling, with just the right amount of cheese and sauce, these pizzas will be a hit and still allow for more snacking.

movie blog_pizza

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Salt and Pepper Pretzel Crisps® Popcorn

Popcorn is a staple for any trip to the movies, but this mixture takes it to the next level. Added bonus: the extra crunch from the Pretzel Crisps®!

movie blog_popcorn

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Funfetti Dip

Everyone knows about funfetti cupcakes, but this dip is a delectable variation that is perfect for sharing. Coupled with Pretzel Crisps®, our funfetti dip is the ultimate combination of sweet and salty. Just as the name says, it will fill your movie night full of fun.

Movie blog_funfetti

Get the recipe here.

Pretzel Crisps® Sundae

The metaphoric cherry on top of a great movie night, this sundae is simple and sweet. When there is chocolate Pretzel Crisps® goodness involved, it can’t be anything but genius. Not overloaded with ingredients, you can really enjoy the chocolate ice cream, caramel and Pretzel Crisps® flavors coming together for the perfect treat to accompany your movie viewing experience.

movie blog_sundae

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