Grab & Go: 5 Genius Ways To Snack Anywhere!

You’re constantly on the move, so shouldn’t you have a snack that can keep up? The snack geniuses here at Snack Factory® think so! That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite recipes that are so easy to make and great for an on-the-go lifestyle! Fumble-free and delicious, they’re sure to bring some much needed fun and yum back to your snacking!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crisps® Overnight Oatmeal

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we all know it’s not always possible to eat before you head out the door! That’s where these delicious overnight oats come into play. Prepare the night before, grab, and go for a satisfying breakfast anywhere!

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Bento Box

Our festive update to the traditional brown bag lunch is a great way to incorporate more finicky foods in your travel and keep them fresh! Adorable to boot, these boxes can be themed, prepared and enjoyed in so many different ways and are perfect for any age!

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Minis Trail Mix

We’ve had our fair share of trail mix, but never like this! Loaded with chocolate candies, Pretzel Crisps® Minis, nuts, dried fruits and cinnamon crisps, there is something for everyone to love! Do we need to remind you how easy this snack is to bring with you? Didn’t think so!

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Cream Cheese Everything Bagel Bites

The great taste of an everything bagel with cream cheese without the heaviness! So unbelievably easy to make and take with you, these bagel bites redefine the mid-morning snack as only a snack genius creation could!

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Buffalo Wing Veggie Hummus Wrap

Lets wrap up the list with this delicious veggie buffalo creation! Perfectly portable, this snack is loaded with hummus, your favorite veggies and the crunch of Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps®. This combination proves that on-the-go should never mean settling for boring food!

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