Guilt-Free Late-Night Snacks

When that late-night snack craving hits, don’t rummage around the fridge for something to make. Instead, put together one our Snack Genius combinations! No matter what your munchies mood, we’ve got just the recipe.

Tea Time

Snack Dilemma: You’re tired and looking for something to satisfy a flavor craving without keeping you up all night.

Snack Genius Solution: There are many varieties of tea whose aromatic warmth and flavor relax your mind and body. Chamomile and lavender are just two herbal teas you can brew to hit the spot and help lull you to sleep. If you want to make it a little more filling, may we suggest a flat pretzel snack that contains the best part of the pretzel?

Turkey & Cheese Pretzel Crisps® Sammies

Snack Dilemma: You want a late-night snack that’s quick and doesn’t require a trip to the store.

Snack Genius Solution: The perfection of this snack is that you most likely have these ingredients in fridge at any given time. Pair up your favorite deli meat with your go-to cheese and sandwich them between the Pretzel Crisps® of your choice. No fuss; just a tasty late-night snack.

Get the recipe here.

late night blog_sammy

Pull-Apart Pretzel Crisps® Pizza

Snack Dilemma: You’re hours into a TV show binge and showing no signs of stopping. So, what if it’s 2am?

Snack Genius Solution: It may be too late to order a pizza, but this simple snack pizza recipe will see you through and save you money.

Get the recipe here.

late night blog_pizza

Granola Stackers

Snack Dilemma: You’re not even tired, but you are up and it’s late.

Snack Genius Solution: Forget counting sheep. Count how high you can stack these granola, almond butter, and raisin stackers. Then celebrate your snack architectural achievement by eating every bit.

Get the recipe here.

late night blog_granola