Holiday Tree Pretzel Cheese Log

A log of soft, spreadable cheese, such as goat cheese
Pretzel Crisps® Minis
Optional: yellow bell pepper

Remove cheese from packaging and allow to soften enough to mold. Use a knife to sculpt tree into a pointed, cone shape. Using Pretzel Crisp Minis®, begin by sticking a layer around the bottom of the cheese sphere. Continue to press in Pretzel Crisps®, one layer at a time, pushing them in further and further to create an angled look like that of a tree.

tree blog_cheese

You may need to cut or break Pretzel Crisps® in half or smaller pieces as you reach the top. Once covered in Pretzel Crisps®, you can use a mini star-shaped cookie cutter to punch a star out of a yellow bell pepper. Adhere to the top with soft cheese.

tree blog_final

Lightly drape with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. You may need to remove from fridge in advance depending on hardness of spreadable cheese.