Hungry Caterpillar Snacks

Support your child’s story time with a fun, inspiring activity like an adorable caterpillar-themed party! Sneak a few for yourself, since these are covered in hazelnut spread! The best part is it takes no time to make.

Round candies in green and red
Green candy melts
Pretzel Crisps®
Hazelnut spread



catepillar blog_candies

Melt green candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Dab a toothpick in the candy melts and dab three dots onto the red candies. One dot for the mouth, and two for the eyes. Allow to cool and harden.

catepillar blog_hazelnut spread

Slather a hazelnut spread over Pretzel Crisps®. Stick a line of green round candies into hazelnut spread. Place one red candy at the front of the green candy line. Make sure the face on the red candy is facing forward. Serve.

caterpillar blog_finished