Ice Cream Tacos

Unique and colorful desserts are the best way to stay cool this summer. Creating pastel ice cream tacos is a fun and easy recipe. All you need is ice cream, Pretzel Crisps®, and colorful chocolates.


Original Pretzel Crisps®
Candy melts in pink, orange, and green
Rainbow sherbet ice cream
Optional: sprinkles, edible pearls, edible glitter
*Use a melon baller to scoop sherbet onto a parchment lined baking sheet and freeze in fridge ahead of time for easy serving.

Cover an egg crate in aluminum foil. Melt the candy melts in a heat-safe bowl for 20 seconds and stir. Continue this process until the melts are completely smooth. Spread the candy melt on the bottom of the Pretzel Crisps®.

As an option, feel free to mix in about a teaspoon or more of vegetable oil into the candy melts to make the consistency more smooth and able to drip. Scoop the melt into a sandwich bag and cut the corner off. Squeeze a few drips down the side of each Pretzel Crisps® to resemble a look of melting chocolate.

Once the candy melt is cool and hard on the Pretzel Crisps®, spread more candy melt on the bottom edge inside of each Pretzel Crisps®. Place the bottom edge of one Crisps against the bottom edge of another Pretzel Crisps®, then let them sit in a cavity of the egg crate. Allow to cool and harden.

When they are ready to serve, place a few mini scoops of the sherbet into the Pretzel Crisps® taco shells. As an option, top with sprinkles.