Low Effort, Big Reward Party Appetizers

From small snacks on movie night to no-fuss finger foods on game night, sometimes you want appetizers and snacks that require very little effort or planning. You can have that and still serve tasty treats that are sure to be a hit. Here are a few quick suggestions:

Mix It Up

Simple and effective, a mix of snacks in a bowl never gets old. Setting out bowls filled with snacks by flavor – salty, sweet, spicy, cheesy – is an option, or you can go for the tried-and-true snack mix to offer a variety of tastes in every handful.

Mini Versions

Mini versions of your favorite foods are a great way to feel like you’re getting a lot of a good thing without overdoing it. Sliders are quick and easy, bite-sized options for burger lovers, and mini pizzas offer a wide range of toppings and bake in no time at all.

May We Suggest…

If you want a holiday party appetizer that looks like it required more effort than it actually did, try this Fruity Baked Brie with Pretzel Crisps®. Your skillet and oven do all the work for a festive dish that looks amazing and tastes even better!