Make Mine a Milkshake

Most people have heard, “don’t play with your food,” at least once in their lives. But if not for playing with food, we wouldn’t have the sweet treat known as the milkshake. In the 1930s, malt shop servers, or ‘soda jerks’,” would playfully toss scoops of ice cream into steel mixing cups before diners eagerly waiting at the counter. This added a bit of fun to a social experience, not unlike friends meeting for coffee today. By the 1950s, meeting up for a milkshake was an event.

Though now most milkshakes are created with blenders or mixers, the elements – depending on the region, dining establishment, or preference – remain largely the same: milk, ice cream, ice, and a flavored syrup. The aesthetics also follow tradition with most restaurants choosing to serve milkshakes in large, Y-shaped glasses with a wide straw, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Since milkshakes are made up of ingredients which themselves have a ton of variety, the possibilities when creating a milkshake can seem endless. We love this Pretzel Crisps® milkshake creation courtesy of Public Lives Secret Recipes. It honors the traditional milkshake while offering a fun, modern twist.

Make Mine A Milkshake 

Salted Caramel Pretzel Crisps® Milkshake