March Pretzel-Grammed Favorites

Spring is in full swing and so are all of your Instagrams! We love seeing how everyone enjoys Pretzel Crisps® differently. Keep up the awesome posts about your favorite Pretzel Crisps® for the chance to be featured in the coming months.

Fan Instagrams

Hazelnut coffee and Dark Chocolate Crunch Pretzel Crisps® from @mchaleann

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.09.14 AM

A mouthwatering recreation of @thenovicechef Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites from @shawnafarris 

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.06.57 AM

A whimsical and delicious bento box creation from @tnzanite

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.05.53 AM

A light lunch of Pretzel Crisps®, guac and snap peas from @littlesouthernwife

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.19.06 PM

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