March Pretzel-Grammed Favorites

Spring has sprung and warmer weather is bringing out the best in our fan shots! There’s never been a better time to get snacking with Pretzel Crisps® and we have the Instagram pics to prove it. Check out a few Instagrams from March and remember to keep tagging us in your shots for the chance to be one of our featured Snack Geniuses next month!

Fan Instagrams

Roasted red pepper hummus with Original Pretzel Crisps® from @plantproudparents

A delicious afternoon snack featuring Original Pretzel Crisps® from @jnmitchell07

Tuna salad with Everything Pretzel Crisps® from @geolvrd07

Veggie burger with Original Pretzel Crisps® from @maryst_onge

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