Our Top 5 Veggie-centric Pretzel Crisps® Snacks

Everyone knows vegetables are good for you, but can they be fun and yummy, too? Absolutely! We’ve got fresh from the garden picks to help you eat your veggies in a delicious snack!                                                                                                           vegan blog

  1. Bloomin’ Vegan Pull-Apart Pretzel Crisps®

We’ve shared pizza recipes before, but none quite like this – a veggie gooey alternative when you want pizza taste without the fuss. Plus they’re fun to pull apart and eat, of course! Get the recipe here. 

garden blog

  1. Garden Bounty Pretzel Crisps®

Top your favorite flavor Pretzel Crisps® with the last of your summer harvest and the cream cheese of your choice. You’ll have a hard time believing a snack this small can be so hearty. Get the recipe here.

mix blog

  1. Pretzel Crisps® Minis “Better For You” Trail Mix

Shake up your trail mix – literally – with savory Pretzel Crisps® like the Gluten Free Minis or Original or Cheddar Minis. For a mix with an autumn feel to it: combine pumpkin seeds, dried raspberry and cranberry, or created a dried vegetable mix. Get the recipe here. 

dip blog

  1. Avocado Yogurt Dip

Some like a smooth dip and others prefer their dip chunky. This Avocado Yogurt Dip is for those who like the best of both worlds. A blend of onion, jalapeno, and other zesty veggies gives the avocado the perfect kick. This is a rich dip with flavor to match. Get the recipe here.

radishes blog

  1. Buttery Radish Pretzel Crisps®

Speaking of kick, these snacks don’t hold back the flavor. Radishes are among the most filling of root vegetables so this is a treat you can enjoy without adding unwanted carbohydrates or calories to your daily intake. And we can’t forget to add how they are completely delicious! Get the recipe here.