Perfect Snacks for Any Family Game Night

Family game nights are excellent for getting everyone to put down their tablets and phones and actually connect with each other around conversation, fun, and laughs. Of course, any get together with family or friends wouldn’t be complete without good food!

Next time you’re preparing to test the competitive spirit of your nearest and dearest, give one of these recipes a try.

Word & Puzzle Game Night

If you want to make sure your high-scoring word isn’t challenged or that you don’t space out on ‘80s trivia, you’ll want to fuel up on food. It doesn’t get any brainier than spinach and fresh berries. This salad with Gluten Free Pretzel Crisps® Minis tastes great and will make game night that much better!

game blog_saladGet the recipe here.

Physical Fun Game Night

If you find yourself defending your Hip-Hop dance high score or needing your best pantomiming skills to act out obscure movie titles, you’ll want food to keep you energized without weighing you down. Avocado & Pomegranate Seeds Snacks are quick and easy to make and won’t stop you from busting out your moves.

game blog _avo

Get the recipe here. 

Electronic Gaming Night

Many of the classic board games are now available on gaming consoles. While a video game night might not be typical, it does have its advantages. They tend to move quickly so you’ll get more fun time in, and they require no set-up or clean up. Pass around a bowl of Candy & Pretzel Crisps® Popcorn Mix when you’re not buzzing in on your controller.

game blog_popcorn

Get the recipe here.