Perfect Snacks for Your Next Netflix Binge

Everyone’s had at least one Netflix binge session. Whether it’s a just-“one-more-episode” marathon of a great show or a lazy afternoon watching movies of a certain genre, we’ve all been there.

Here’s a list of perfect snacks for your next Netflix binge session:

For Sports: Basketball Pretzel Crisps® Bites

A down-on-its-luck team learns the true meaning of teamwork and goes on to be victorious champions – sports films have the ability to excite while delivering an emotional punch. These Basketball Pretzel Bites deliver satisfaction to your taste buds.

netflix blog_bball
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For Romance: Valentine’s Day Pretzel Crisps® Houses

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to be in the mood for grand romantic gestures, passionate kisses, and the overall magic of watching two people find true love. For your next romance movie binge, try these Pretzel Crisps® Houses.

netflix blog_vday

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For Christmas: Strawberry Santa Hats

Tis the season for movies about the joy of giving and believing in miracles. From sentimental classics to children’s animations, there’s no shortage of holiday movies available on Netflix. However, once you set out these adorable Strawberry Santa Hats, you’re sure to experience a shortage of them.

netlfix blog_santa

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For Children’s Movies: Green Eggs and Ham

A good children’s movie Netflix binge will lead you down memory lane and help you introduce those same cinematic gems to a new generation. These Green Eggs and Ham snacks bring a literary classic to life off-screen.

netflix blog_green

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Bring the Theater to Your Living Room

Movie binging at home has many advantages, and chief among them is all the money you save by not buying highly over-priced concession snacks. These Pretzel Crisps® Nachos will give you all the gooey goodness of movie theater nachos, but without a hit to your wallet.

netflix blog_nachos

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