Plan the Perfect Picnic

It may have taken its sweet time, but Spring is officially here and that means a return to some of our favorite outdoor activities, especially ones that involve food. There are few better ways to spend a Spring afternoon than a picnic.

Achieve picnic perfection with these tips:

Checking the weather forecast for the day of your planned outing seems like a no-brainer, but don’t let the possibility of a Spring shower stop your plans. Look into public parks with pavilions for easy relocation.

Consult the website of your desired location for specific rules on the types of food, beverages, grills, music, etc. that are allowed on site.

Plan a menu suitable for the number people in your picnic party, and then make a bit extra. Having to leave to buy more food is a drag. Apply this to dishware, utensils, and cups as well.

Traditional picnic blankets are fine, but also consider the comfort of those who may not want to or may be unable to sit on the ground. Portable folding chairs or cushions are an inexpensive alternative.

Good food and conversation always go together, but it can’t hurt to consider other entertainment. If kids are in attendance, pack a frisbee, hula hoops, or bubbles to keep the little ones busy. Card games that inspire funny conversations are always a hit. If you’re going to provide tunes, make sure your portable devices are fully charged and loaded with a picnic perfect playlist.

As always, when planning to spend a considerable amount of time outside, pack the appropriate sunscreen and insect repellant. Finally, reusable totes come in handy for collecting trash and recycling as appropriate.

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