Pretzel Crisps® Chocolate Butterflies

Make stunning edible butterflies by using Pretzel Crisps® and chocolate. Pretzel Crisps® chocolate butterflies would look magnificent on a cake or cupcakes, or simply served alone.

Pretzel Crisps®
Colorful chocolate candy melts

Aluminum foil
Plastic storage bags

Melt chocolate in one bowl, and spring-colored candy melts of your choice in another bowl. Place two Pretzel Crisps® on aluminum foil. Spoon chocolate into one plastic baggie and seal. Spoon your melted color candy melt of choice into another baggie and seal.

Snip off the corner of the bag of chocolate. The amount you cut off should be very tiny. Pipe two wings on each Pretzel Crisps®. Next, cut a tiny corner off of the colored candy melt bag, and pipe to fill in each wing outline. Use a toothpick to drag chocolate into the colored portion, to create a little design.


Repeat on second Pretzel Crisps®. Repeat until you have as many wings as you’d like, melting chocolate and refilling bags as needed. If you want another color, then melt a new bowl of candy melts in whatever color you’d prefer. Just keep the chocolate outline the same.


To make the body of your Pretzel Crisps® butterflies, melt chocolate and pipe several lines on aluminum foil. Add curved antennas, and also keep in mind that the body needs to be long enough to fit over the wings. If you like, wait for lines to cool, then pipe dots along the line.


Press aluminum foil into an open book. Dip the inside edge of each butterfly wing and set together in a ‘V’ shape, sitting in the open book for support. The chocolate on the edges of both pieces should be in contact so as to adhere the wings together. Pipe a little chocolate on top of where wings meet, then place butterfly bodies on top. Allow to sit and harden.