Pretzel Crisps® Coated S’more Pops

What a fun and festive way to enjoy all of your celebrations! Pretzel Crisps® S’more Pops can be served on a party table or as favors wrapped in cellophane bags. This is a project that children can join in on too! Just set up a station at a table and let the kids create.


Giant marshmallows
Chocolate for melting (in your local grocery store baking aisle)
Pretzel Crisps® Minis


Mini kitchen torch, fire pit, fire place, or gas stove
Decorative straws or sticks
Baker’s twine or pretty ribbon
Metal or bamboo skewers, or tongs

Puncture a giant marshmallow with a skewer or pick up with a tong. Using either a kitchen torch, a fire (if you have access to one) or turning on the flame on your gas stove, toast the outside of the marshmallow. Repeat and place all marshmallows on a plate or aluminum foil.


Now, you can either make the Pretzel Crisps® S’more Pops as dessert treats or for party favors, or set up an activity table for kids to make their own. Melt chocolate in a bowl or its container and place next to marshmallows. Set up a bowl of Pretzel Crisps® Minis, and set sticks or decorative straws on table as well.


If you are preparing the S’more Pops yourself, stick a straw into toasted marshmallow. Dip top into melted chocolate and wait for a minute until it stops dripping. Cover in Pretzel Crisps® Minis and set upright in a cup until the chocolate is hard.

smores final