Pretzel Crisps® Four-Leaf Clovers

If you love decorated cookies and cakes, but want something a little quick and simple, try Pretzel Crisps® covered in four-leaf clovers for Saint Patrick’s Day. All you need is frosting, Pretzel Crisps®, and a piping tip!


Thick frosting
Green food coloring
Piping tip # 59
Original Pretzel Crisps®

Color frosting with a dab or two of green food coloring. You want it pastel green, so just a little will go a long way. Place # 59 piping tip into a piping bag, or the corner of a sandwich bag. Snip the corner with a pair of scissors, to create a hole just large enough for tip to poke through.

Scoop frosting into bag. Push frosting through tip to pipe out. To form your leaves, as you begin to pipe, immediately turn the tip to form a circle. Pipe onto Pretzel Crisps®. Repeat four times for each leaf.

If you like, you can use a piping tip # 3 to create the stems for each clover. That’s it! You’re done! Serve on a platter or cake stand.