Pretzels x3: A Hat Trick of the Pretzel-iest of Pretzel Crisps® Recipes

That’s right! It’s the best day of the year – National Pretzel Day!

We have been counting down the days, full of sleepless nights and growing excitement. The snack geniuses here at Snack Factory® have brought together three of the most pretzel-y Pretzel Crisps® recipes for this special day. We already revolutionized the pretzel, now we’ll shock your taste buds with these inspired recipes! We know you’ll put your own genius twist on snacks today, too!

Pretzel Crisps® Nacho Quesadillas

These are nach- yo regular quesadillas! Everyone loves cheese, but what makes this dish special is the crunch of the Pretzel Crisps®. Staying true to the holiday, this creative and tasty take on two traditional Mexican foods will make you want to turn everyday into National Pretzel Day!


Get the recipe: here

Pretzel Crisps® Minis Caramel Toffee

Sweet caramel and salty Pretzel Crisps® team up to make this easy toffee not only tasty, but addictive. This treat epitomizes National Pretzel Day so much it should be its mascot. It’s just another example of how we are on another level of snack genius here at Pretzel Crisps®.


Get the recipe: here

Pretzel Crisps® Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Pancakes

These stacks of delectable pancakes feature not one, but two kinds of our indulgent Pretzel Crisps®. The chocolate and peanut butter elevate the pretzel taste, taking this recipe to the next level. Pretzel Crisps® deserve all the attention today, so traditional pancakes step aside; it’s our time to shine!

pb pancake_blog

Get the recipe: here

So what are you waiting for? There are pretzels that need celebrating!