Raise Your Snack I.Q.: Pretzel PhD.

Because we’re Snack Geniuses, we’re always looking for ways to feed our brains – especially when it comes to snacks! We know you are too, because you’re here (that makes you a Snack Genius, too!). What better way to start our academic journey together than by discussing a snack that’s near and dear to our hearts – the pretzel!

Little Reward

We were the first to take the best part of the pretzel (you’re welcome!). We were also the first to make the first flat pretzel cracker (you’re still welcome!), but the first person to ever make a regular pretzel was a monk in A.D. 610.

Frustrated that his students were not paying attention to their studies, this Snack Genius baked twisted rolls of dough into the tasty treat we know today. He called them pretiola – Latin for “little reward” – but by the time they reached Germany, they were called bretzels.

pretzel iq_pc

The Best Mistake Ever Made

It wasn’t until the late 17th century that the world was introduced to a hard pretzel. A Pennsylvania baker over-baked a batch of soft pretzels, but when his boss tasted one of the “ruined” treats, he discovered they weren’t so bad as a crunchier snack. Not bad at all.

We tip our hats to this inadvertent Snack Genius!

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

As of December 2015, the world’s largest pretzel was a record set on October 28th, 2015. The massive dough creation was 29 ft. 3 inches long and 13 ft. 3 inches wide. That’s larger than the average king cobra!

While we respect the genius it takes to make a pretzel that large, we’re personally fond of a pretzel smaller (and flatter) in nature. The best things do come in small packages – and sometimes minis!

Eating Like a Champ

In January 2007, Joey Chestnut became the Pretzel Twister’s World Pretzel Eating champion finishing 21 pretzels in ten minutes.

Some people can’t get enough of a good thing. We get it.

A Delicious Celebration

Did you know that April 26th is National Pretzel Day? It is and it’s right around the corner!

The informal holiday was declared in 2003 by the governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell – or as we call him, Governor Snack Genius. Rendell wanted to show the state’s appreciation for the critical role pretzels played in the state’s economy.

You can celebrate this great day in snack history by trying these Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Crisps ®. (Not that you need an excuse.)

chocolate dipped


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