Raise Your Snack I.Q.: National Food Days

We’d like to shake the hand of the Snack Genius who thought it would be a good idea to dedicate an entire day to your favorite foods. Not that you need an excuse to eat what you love, but having one doesn’t hurt!

International Sushi Day

Thanks to the power of sushi lovers and social media, June 18th is the official National Sushi Day. Seeing as how “sushi” refers to the way the rice is prepared and not the fact that you’re eating raw fish, we thought you could also bend the rules by serving up these Pretzel Crisps® Sushi snacks.

national food days_sushi

National Guacamole Day x 2

Mild and spicy guacamole lovers each have a day catered to their tastes. September 16th is National Guacamole Day, and those who like it hot can celebrate (again!) on November 14th, International Spicy Guacamole Day. Here’s a guac recipe perfect for either occasion, Snack Genius!

national days blog_guac

National Eat a Peach Day

It’s a good thing National Eat a Peach Day – August 22nd – is in the summertime. That makes these Mint and Peach Pretzel Crisps® Bites the perfect light and refreshing snack. To get extra peachy, cool down with peach Ice Cream with Pretzel Crisps® Toppings.

national days blog_peach

National Macaroon Day

National Macaroon Day is right around the corner, May 31st. That leaves just enough time for you to perfect these Pretzel Crisps® Macaroons. They’re still flourless, light, and sweet, but with a twist!

national days blog_cookie