Raise Your Snack I.Q.: Snack Genius = Perfect Host

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to eat what’s best for them. Luckily for the people you know, you’re a Snack Genius and knowing the best snacks to eat and serve comes with the title. Try serving up one of the following three recipes the next time you’re entertaining one of these friends.

The Fast Food Fanatic

If the most genius of Snack Geniuses indulges in foods that may not be the best for us, but they’re so darn delicious. Moderation is key, and sometimes a little subterfuge, too. Enter these Mini Pretzel Crisps® Cheeseburgers: same great taste without any of the guilt.

IQ blog_burger

The Always-On-the-Go One

Do you know someone who always has something going on? Between work, school, play, hobbies, volunteering, etc., they often leave others wondering, “How does she do it?” Psst: If you can’t think of who that person is in your circle of friends, it might be you! Recharge and refuel with hummus, an excellent source of carbs and protein for more energy. Try this Hummus, Cucumber & Paprika Bites recipe for the perfect light, pick-me-up snack.

IQ blog_hummus

The Forgetful One

We all have at least one friend – let’s call her Pam – who could forget her own name. Avocados have a natural one-two punch of being high in antioxidant vitamins C and E, both linked to help improve memory and slow memory loss over time. Next time Pam comes by for game night, try serving these Avocado Toasties. We can’t guarantee that Pam will remember you meet for brunch at 10am, every Sunday, for the past two years, but it’s a start.

IQ blog_avo