Gluten Free or Original Pretzel Crisps®
Green Frosting
Chocolate Chips, Melted
Chocolate Bunny
Chewy Orange Candies
Green Gumdrops


  1. Pipe or spread green frosting onto Gluten Free or Original Pretzel Crisps®. Either melt the arms of a chocolate bunny with a kitchen torch, or melt down chocolate chips. Stick Pretzel Crisps® against the bunny arms, and prop up with something until cool and hardened.
  2. Create carrots by microwaving chewy orange candies for 10 seconds. Cut into small pieces then roll them into a carrot shape. Roll out green gumdrops and cut pieces with a knife. Attach them to carrots as the root. Top the green frosting with a carrot or two to complete the centerpiece.