Gluten Free Original Pretzel Crisp Minis® or Original Pretzel Crisps® Minis
Peanut butter ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Jelly or preserves


  1. Place Pretzel Crisps® on a dish lined with wax or parchment paper. Use a small knife to slather on peanut butter ice cream. Place in freezer to cool so it does not melt.
  2. Once ice cream is frozen again, add the strawberry ice cream on top. Remove only a few at a time from the freezer, so that they don't melt. Place back in freezer as you work, ensuring that ice cream stays firm.
  3. Scoop jelly into a sandwich bag and snip the corner off. Pipe jelly on top of strawberry ice cream, then place back in freezer. Place another Pretzel Crisps® on top before serving.