Original Pretzel Crisps®
Colorful Candy Melts
Star Sprinkles
Black Royal Icing or Icing Gel

Condiment or Piping Bottle
Wax Paper or Aluminum Foil


  1. Melt any color of candy melt. Fill a piping bottle with melted chocolate. Pipe out two half circles onto a Pretzel Crisps®. Once slightly cooled, pipe a line around the circles, then a line along the top of both across the Pretzel Crisps® to create a more 3-dimensional look.
  2. Next, pipe out two lines, curving at the end for the temple frame. Make certain that the length works with size of the Pretzel Crisps®. Use chocolate to adhere two stars to the eye portion of the frame.
  3. Use black glitter icing gel or black royal icing to fill sunglasses frames. Allow to sit and firm up a bit.
  4. Once fully firm, dip the end of each temple portion and adhere to the eye frame to construct the sunglasses. Hold in place until hardened.
  5. Either serve as is or place on top of cupcakes as cupcake toppers.