Original Pretzel Crisps®
Kettle Uprooted Sweet Potatoes with Sea Salt Chips
Marshmallow Cream
Mini Marshmallows
Chopped Peanuts
Toffee Bar, Crumbled


  1. Spread Kettle Sweet Potatoes with Sea Salt chips and Original Pretzel Crisps® on a baking sheet or pizza stone. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with marshmallow cream. Cut the corner of bag and push marshmallow out of the hole, drizzling along the top of the chip pile.
  2. Sprinkle mini marshmallows, cinnamon, chopped peanuts, and toffee crumble on top of the Pretzel Crisps® and sweet potato chips.
  3. Bake in the oven on the low broil setting until the marshmallows start to brown. Remove and serve immediately.