After-school Snack Attack

Everyone has fond memories of their favorite after-school snack; the one you couldn’t wait to get your hands on after a long day of learning and following directions, a perfect reward before tackling the dreaded homework. Create new memories for the kids with these after-school snacks featuring Pretzel Crisps®!

Cream Cheese & Berry Jam Bites

Fans of an old-fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwich will love this. Simply spread cream cheese on Original Pretzel Crisps®, top with berry jam, and you’ve got your child’s new favorite snack. Shake things up a bit with a variety of cream cheese flavors and jam!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches

The pairing of chocolate and peanut butter cannot be denied. It’s a delicious duo that makes for some of the best sweet treats around. Set out a plate of these chocolate peanut butter sandwiches for the kiddos and watch them disappear! If served as nourishment during a play or study date, be sure to check with your guests’ parents for peanut allergies.

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Lunchtime Learning Snack Treats

Turn snacking into learning with deli meat and cheese cut into shapes, letters, or numbers. This is ideal for younger children learning their ABCs or simple math concepts. If you homeschool, this snack can be incorporated into a lesson — a short lesson, since they’ll be eaten quickly!

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