Acai and Smoothie Bowls

Acai and smoothie bowls have been hot food trends for the past few years, each delivering a thicker texture than the traditional smoothie – so much so that you enjoy them with a spoon rather than a straw – and each loaded with an endless assortment of toppings.

The Base
Rich with antioxidants and tropical flavor, the Acai berry isn’t grown in the United States. It’s imported from South America, typically as a frozen puree. This makes the easiest and most natural preparation method blending into a cold treat. By contrast, a smoothie bowl can be made with the same blended base using most frozen fruits, including but not limited to: bananas, mangoes, berries, and pineapples.

The Liquid Flavor
A flavored liquid is then added to the blended fruit. Milk or juice are the most common, but coconut water or milk, yogurt, or non-dairy milks are also options. The ability to swap out ingredients for ones that fit your tastes or dietary needs is just one reason these blended bowls are such a popular treat.

The Toppings
Perhaps the most fun you’ll have making a smoothie bowl is deciding what goes on top. There really are no limits here, and this allows you to play with different textures and tastes. Your smoothie bowl can also be as healthy or decadent as you want it to be. Popular smoothie bowl toppings include shredded coconut, dried fruit, chopped nuts, seeds, granola, and fresh fruit.

The versatility of smoothie bowls doesn’t just come in how you make them, but also when you enjoy them. They’re perfect as a quick breakfast option, after dinner dessert, or energy-boosting snack.

May We Suggest…
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