Snack Upgrade: Bacon Mac & Cheese

You’d be hard pressed to find two foods more universally loved than macaroni and cheese and bacon.

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, capable of lifting your spirits and leaving your belly content. Whether it’s from a box or scratch-made, mac and cheese is just so good.

And then there’s bacon. Few foods have been as adored as bacon. It’s gone from breakfast staple to salad topping, and has even made appearances in some deliciously unlikely places like the top of doughnuts.

The Snack Upgrade

Bacon mac and cheese may sound like a recipe that can’t be improved upon, but being Snack Geniuses we’re always up for a culinary challenge. Bacon Mac & Cheese with Pretzel Crisps® does more than add an extra crunch to an already scrumptious meal. Our Original Pretzel Crisps® guarantee perfect scooping of this recipe’s cheesy and savory goodness!