Snack Upgrade: Pancakes

Flapjacks or griddlecakes; no matter what you call them (or how you prepare them) pancakes are arguably a favorite breakfast food. As such, there’s no shortage of ways to prepare the batter or top a buttery stack.

It may seem impossible to improve on such greatness, but we’ve found a Snack Genius way to do just that, and it features another delicious breakfast staple.

Snack Upgrade: Pretzel Crisps® Pancake Bacon Strips

There’s lots to love about this recipe: from how much fun you’ll have preparing it to how great it will taste when you’re done. Prepare your pancake batter to your liking, lightly cook bacon strips, and then let Pretzel Crisps® bring some extra crunch. And just like that you’ve created an amazing breakfast finger food.

It’s ideal for a weekend morning when you have a bit more time to spend on breakfast, or try it whenever you’re ready to take pancakes and bacon to a whole new level.

Get the full recipe here.