Some Like It Bold & Spicy: 5 Snacks To Spice Up Your Life

We’re turning up the heat in the kitchen with some of our favorite recipes that will tickle your taste buds. But beware! These recipes are for those who like to walk on the wild side of flavor. Each one is more intense than the last, now let’s make your snacking a little less boring and a lot more delicious!

Chicken and Pepper Fajita Toppers

Our fajitas are scorchers, in flavor! These sizzling Mexican-flavored snacks offer a twist on a classic dish thanks to our Sriracha & Lime Pretzel Crisps®. Making other fajitas seem boring, they are perfect as quick snack or appetizer. And you can be reassured they will satisfy any intense flavor fan!

spicy blog_fajita

Get the recipe here.

Carne Asada Pretzel Bites

Serrano peppers kick these Carne Asada Pretzel Bites up a notch. Tender skirt steak, creamy avocado crunchy Pretzel Crisps® Minis and the fiery peppers make your next snack break one big flavor party! Savor these bites on any occasion; just don’t forget a drink!

spicy blog_carne

Get the recipe here.

Thai Inspired Shrimp Pretzel Crisps® Bites

These Thai inspired shrimp bites will transport your tastebuds to a whole new world packed with bold and exotic flavors.  Thai red curry, Thai chili pepper and Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps® provide all the heat and spice you crave!

spicy blog_shrimp

Get the recipe here.

Spicy Orange Hoisin Pretzel Crisps® Cups

If you haven’t had enough spice yet, this Asian-inspired recipe will have you savoring every second. Hoisin and sriracha sauces marry together, to make these Pretzel Crisps® cups bold and exploding with flavor. Dig in to these flavor sensations when you’re in need of some munchies, but don’t underestimate its bite!

spicy blog_cups

Get the recipe here.

Spicy Corn Pretzel Crisps®

The perfect summer dish that can really heat up any season! Mexican street corn gets a Pretzel Crisps® twist when grilled corn combines with jalapeño peppers and cotija cheese.

spicy blog_corn

Get the recipe here.