Southwest Snacks

American southwest cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American influences and filled with flavors made from distinct spices, cuts of meat, and preparation methods. Capture its regional goodness with these southwest inspired snacks, starters, and dip.

Pretzel Crisps® Taco Cups

Hard shell, soft shell, or scoop? That’s right; scoop! Enjoy the best parts of the taco layered in a cup for the perfect on-the-go snack. Just make sure you have plenty of Original Pretzel Crisps® on hand for scooping, of course!

Get the recipe here.

Chicken Enchilada Verde Dip

Whether in its original form of a tortilla dipped in chili sauce or one of the many variations with a meat and cheese filling, enchiladas are a southwestern staple. The next time you’re craving one, whip up this creamy enchilada dip loaded with cheese, chicken, and the best of Tex-Mex flavors.

Recipes details here.

Chicken & Pepper Fajita Toppers

Fajitas are perhaps one of the most versatile southwest dishes; they can be made with many cuts and types of meat, various cheese, and a wide assortment of veggies. The possibilities are endless. Recreate the fajita flavor in bite-sized portions with this easy-to-make recipe featuring Sriracha & Lime Pretzel Crisps®.