Sweet Spring Time Snacks

Put away your winter coats and snow boots, and dust off your pastels and light sweaters because spring has sprung! It’s the time of the year when the ground defrosts and spirits are high, so here our top picks for adorable and easy recipes to make your transition to spring a tasty one.

Coconut Baskets

Made from mounds of sweetened coconut, Pretzel Crisps® and candy eggs, these baskets are a sweet treat that people of all ages can appreciate. They are not only tasty but are also the perfect symbol of the season!


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Flower Pretzels

Looking for a great way to ring in the start of spring? Well, we have you covered with these simple Flower Pretzels, blossoming with delicious seasonal candies. These bouquets make the perfect edible decorations, although there’s no guarantee people will resist eating them!


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Bunny Food Pretzel Crisps® Party Mix

Our Bunny Food Pretzel Crisps® Party Mix will make you wish you had a fluffy white tail. Teaching you how to make your own mini candy carrots and bunny nests, this recipe will make regular party mix seem boring! It’s the perfect food for your upcoming outdoor get together that everyone will be talking about.


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Pretzel Crisps® Butterflies

In the spring everything begins to bloom and animals start to come out of hibernation. So, what better way to welcome spring than with these Pretzel Crisps® Butterflies? With only 5 basic ingredients, these adorable snacks practically make themselves, and taste awesome too! Adults and kids will love them!


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S’more Peeps

This springtime spin on a summertime classic is a fantastic way to bring even more color into the season. These s’mores are so quick to make, but sure to wow, with a colorful peep nestled between two Original Pretzel Crisps®. Deck them out even more with white chocolate and sprinkles, to make a snack people are sure to remember!


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