The Perfect Snacks for Every Football Fan

Having a few people over to watch the game? Well, whether it’s a Super Bowl party, a Monday night game, or any given Sunday, these snacks will please every type of football fan.

  1. For The Smack-Talker

Sometimes the best teams have the worst fans. Unsatisfied with just seeing their teams do well, The Smack-Talker will gloat over every great play and will go absolutely bonkers if their team wins. We suggest you serve this fan Pretzel Crisps® Peanut Butter Chocolate Punch Pancakes. The peanut will act as an adhesive and should cut down on the amount smack-talking. Note: Humble pie not included.


Get the recipe from Public Lives Secret Recipes here.

  1. For The Sore Loser

Everyone hates losing, but no one likes a sore loser. The Sore Loser will blame their team’s loss on everything but performance. Serve this guest the Mango Lemon Zest Refreshers. The sourness of the lemon will match The Sore Loser’s feelings.


Get the recipe here.

  1. For the End Zone Dancer

The End Zone Dancer fan will bust a move whether their team scores a touchdown or not. Tackles, interceptions, or complete passes will earn a booty shake from this guest. Serve them Pretzel Crisps® S’mores Bites. They’re sweet and the sugar rush will ensure you get plenty of dances because, let’s face it: The End Zone Dancer is the best part of the party.


Get the recipe from The Novice Chef here.

  1. For The Not-So-Casual Fan

This guest doesn’t even like football, but attends the parties because they’re always a good time and there’s lots of great food. Don’t bother to ask this guest who will or what they thought of that last play. They weren’t paying attention. Serve them the Football Cookies because if you’re at the party, you have to consume football somehow. Those are the rules.


Get the recipe here.