The Pretzel Crisps® Dip Wars

We’re entering into the busiest time of year for entertaining. No matter the celebration, all festivities need an excellent dip for the finger foods. We’ve come up with a few of our favorite dips for 5 different kinds of dip lovers.

dip blog_avo

  1. Healthy: Black Beans, Corn, and Avocado Dip

Anyone looking to eat a bit better-for-you through this holiday season known for over-indulgence will love this dip. Corn, beans, and avocado make for a hearty veggie dip with lime rounding out the flavor.

Get the recipe here.

dip blog_crab

  1. Spicy: Spicy Crab Dip

If you’re looking for a dip to awaken the taste buds, look no further than this spicy crab dip. This versatile dip suits both laid-back and more formal parties. If you’re pressed for planning time, he can be served cold or after baking.

Get the recipe here.

dip blog_cream

  1. Fruity: Whipped Fruit Dip

It doesn’t get any simpler than whipped cream and juicy fruits. Store bought or homemade, create fluffy clouds of cream for your favorite berries or sliced fruit. Then sit back and marvel over how such a simple dip can taste so decadent.

Get the recipe here.

dip blog_velvet

  1. Silky: Better For You Red Velvet Dip

This dip is pretty – almost too pretty to eat. Any smooth dip lover might think twice about breaking its creamy surface. They will because it also happens to be a delicious, healthier way to enjoy red velvet goodness.

Get the recipe here.

dip blog_wing

  1. Cheesy: Buffalo Chicken and Bleu Cheese Dip

Odds are you won’t make it through football season without having Buffalo wings. And while some prefer ranch dip with their wings, bleu cheese dip is the standard. The flavor in this dip, though, is anything but.

Get the recipe here.