Tips for a Terrific Trifle

What’s in a Trifle?

A traditional English trifle consists of a sponge cake soaked in rum, layered with custard and fruit, and topped with whipped cream. Here a few tips on creating a terrific trifle at home.

Be Fruitful

For your fruit layers, experiment and have fun. Go the fresh fruit route with seasonal berries or substitute a fruit jelly or jam. You can stick with one fruit flavor or alternate different fruits in each layer to really mix things up!

Cool Combos

Get creative with unique flavor combinations that fit the theme, occasion, or season. For the holidays, try the classic mix of chocolate and mint, substitute a sponge cake for gingerbread with an eggnog custard.

May We Suggest…

Tis the season for all things pumpkin so try our Pumpkin Trifles made with butterscotch pudding, cream cheese, cinnamon, and Original Pretzel Crisps®. These can be prepped in mason jars overnight so you only have to add whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon when you’re ready to serve.