Top 5 Recipes For Pumpkin Fever

As we shift into fall, there’s one thing that’s as certain as leaves on the ground: pumpkin-flavored everything! From lattes, cookies, bagels, spreads and ice cream, pumpkin lovers can’t get enough. Well, we’ve jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon, too, and are bringing you our top five favorite ways to enjoy this seasonal flavor! 

  1. Pumpkin Cheesecake Pretzel Crisps®

The easiest cheesecake you’ll ever make, these Pumpkin Cheesecake Pretzel Crisps® are bite-sized tastes of heaven topped with real pumpkin pie filling. The only thing more surprising than how something so small can be so delicious is how fast they’ll disappear. Get the recipe here.

pumpkin cheesecake

  1. Pumpkin Autumn Candy Bark

The best thing about this recipe (besides the Pretzel Crisps® Minis, pumpkin candy, chocolate and peanut butter) is that it’s perfect for all your leftover Halloween candy. You know, if there’s such a thing. Get the recipe here.

pumpkin bark

  1. Pumpkin Craze

This unique spin on the ice cream sandwich takes your favorite summer treat into the fall. It’s deliciously sweet with pumpkin ice cream generously scooped between two Original Pretzel Crisps®. The drizzle of butterscotch sauce may be optional, but comes highly recommended by our tastemakers! We won’t judge if you have to lick your fingers. We get it. Get the recipe here.

pumpkin ice cream

  1. Punk In

In a pumpkin craving pinch?! Don’t worry we have you covered! Take Original or Sesame Pretzel Crisps® and top either with a spoonful of pumpkin pie filling, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dollop of whipped cream for a simple and tasty snack. Get the recipe here.

punk in

  1. Pumpkin Patch

There may not be pumpkin flavor in these little candy bites, but adorable, tiny pumpkin candy corns couldn’t be missed for this list! These pumpkin patch crunchers are fun to make and a hit at any autumn or Halloween party. They may be almost too pretty to eat, but we bet you’re up for the challenge! Get the recipe here. 

pumpkin patch